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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The True Value of a Second DSLR Body - Part III

How in the world will a second body from Canon be used with a Nikon D90 owner? Is there a possibility in this madness? In a word...perhaps. Since I re-entered photography with Nikon, any new lens MUST complement the lens I already own.

That theoretically leaves me with three lens type - Macro, Wide and Super Tele for the second body. The Nikon D90 will anchor shots between 18mm to 200mm. The second body will cover wide shots between 10-24mm and anything beyond 300mm, or perhaps prime reach of 50mm. One body will be on a monopod. The other on my Black Rapid strap. Guess what? The Canon EF 400mm F/5.6L USM cost only $1200! Try Nikon for that price!

Well, just me blowing some steam today! No harm talking about it as its free! Right?


Scott said...

It's an interesting exercise. I wonder though if the question your answering is the value of Canon as a second body or perhaps questioning the initial choice of Nikon over Canon in respect to the total cost of ownership?

No doubt many people have there on notions about the eternal Canon versus Nikon debate but competition is a good thing for us consumers so I certainly don't mind it.

I'm curious if the cheaper glass has a down side?

Sonal Vaz said...

hi lawrence,

chanced upon ur blog as i was frantically searching for any inormation on the D90, india and price.. which im looking at purchasing. how has your experience been with it. and should i hang around for nikon to come up with a more challenging lens at a resonable price.. as the d700 and others are not within y budget or should i pick up the D90.

i currently own a d70s.. use it professionally.. or on the lines of photojournalism, but needed to upgrade. never have invested in Pro lenses but need to get into it.
also, how is the tamron 17-50mm.

any suggestions would be great. my budget is 1500$. thx.

Lawrence Oei said...

Hi Sonal,

For $1500 (US), you may want to invest in a good ultra wide lens like the Nikkor 12-24 F/4 or the cheaper Nikkor 10-24mm F/3.5-4.5. A good strobe would also be ideal for your kind of work, like a SB-900. Alternatively, get the highly acclaimed Tokina 11-16mm for almost half the price of the above.

Now, if you already have all the above, yes, the Nikon D90 is the next best-in-line camera for you to upgrade to. In terms of overall performance, it outclass even the Nikon D300.

Body upgrade is my least concern if you do not have a basic tool of trait to begin with for lenses.