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Thursday, July 2, 2009

More Probes into Playing with a Canon DSLR

A little visit to the Canon showroom today confirms the EOL status of the Canon 40D, despite the fact it may have been a better camera in the minds of many. But here's what I discovered while there. The Canon xxD series magnesium alloy frame does give me a more confident feel while handling the Canon 50D (or higher) camera, though the shutter release sound is flat, uninspiring and boring throughout.

The two available silent mode of the Canon xxD is surprisingly only available in the Live View mode while the color of each shot comparatively still appears rather lifeless despite the use of the faithful picture control setting (Maybe its my eyes again?). The need to use a combination of dials and directional stick will also definitely require some training & familiarity. The location of the ON/OFF flip switch (on the Canon xxD and above series) is also not helping towards my favorable assessment of Canon. Talk about lack of ergonomics. Lastly, the supposed weather sealing is found to be also a half-hearted attempt on the Canon xxD. Only the battery and CF cover is sufficiently protected. All other buttons are left exposed to the mercy of the elements. Interesting.

In conclusion, despite the availability of cheaper, more variety range of optics, I find no other good enough reasons to delve any further on possibly using Canon DSLR as a second body now.

All said, it all seems to lead to a dead, non-conclusive end. This is so disappointing!

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