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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The True Value of a Second DSLR Body - Part II

Work has been stifling today (boring I would say)and I hence would like to take this opportunity to wind down with a slightly lengthy article or two. Yes, we are still babbling about Canon today.

Why Canon? Because all other were never close to become a point of contention (for now)or discussion against Nikon. OK, back to the "second DSLR body" discussion. Now, it can be an analytical one. One that rips everything out onto a silver platter. Maybe, that's what I will do tonight. Enough chatter. The Canon 50D, in my opinion, is a failure. Its foolish attempt to pack all 15 million pixels onto that small APC sensor is just plain stupidity. In fact, noise performance of the Canon 50D got so bad it's realistically worse than the predecessor Canon 40D!

Hmm...no wonder the Canon 60D is coming this fall! And as a stop gap, I have never seen canon release so many firmware patches within such close time intervals. But, in all, I still think a clearance Canon 40D can sufficiently complement the Nikon D90. Here's how. The Canon 40D's 6.3 FPS may give Nikon D90 owners some additional separation with tighter shots intervals. Maybe, the sturdier body can be used in slightly harsher environment. In addition, I gladly welcome the 9 cross-type AF sensors (compared to only one on the Nikon D90) of this candidate, together with her 14-bit A/D conversion engine. The silent shooting mode is also a plus in my review.

What da ye know! The Canon 40D is a Nikon D200 killer after all! And one that did quite well against it. price wise, they are identical too!

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