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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photographer "Vest" Review III - Arcteryx Motive Polo SS

In Asia, its a totally different story altogether. Not a single soul is crazy enough to wear more than a T-shirt! If the law permits, they will probably shoot naked. These chopstick wielding blokes will do anything to work round the stifling heat. I am already seeing more and more sissy shooters appearing only in air-con compounds! The humidity god is just waiting to punish those wackos who decides to even get functional with a simple see through vest.

And for those who defies the weather with belts and dangling props, you would ultimately see them surrender with sweat after a few moments. Here in Asia, you shoot naked if you can't afford a singlet. And some latex slippers to prevent the pavement heat from burning you up...you know I am just messin' with you!

Right! I wear the Arcteryx polo whenever I shoot or some plain cotton T-shirts if I know it will be a long day (Change them every few hours). No vest and jingle bells but just a hydration pack behind my back. Blackrapid RS-1 is most useful here. Also, adopting a low profile is the key when shooting in most part of Asia. Otherwise, just be ready to deal with those predefined "accidents" set by opportunists.

Functionality - 1/5
Field Worthiness - 3/5
Appeal - 4/5
Cost of Ownership - 5/5

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