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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Photographer Vest Review II - TNF M BLACKHAWK JACKET

In the digital age these days, things have been greatly miniaturized. So must be the vest that we wear to shoot. In cooler days and mild winter, I would go for The North Face's version for core body temperature protection plus enough pockets to place spare batteries and memory cards, along with some strobe filters.

And if you need more than that, a comfortable backpack should come into the picture. But if you are doing the shoot in Asia, I would suggest something else (see adjoining article). I personally have one of these and it beats the hell of clumsy pajamas of conventional photog vest!

It has sufficient pockets to both carry your accessories and shield you from light drizzles that can go on forever. (like those in England). Click [here] to check out the jacket. It's but my preference! Price? $199.

Functionality - 2.5/5
Field Worthiness - 4/5
Appeal - 4/5
Cost of Ownership - 4/5

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