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Sunday, July 12, 2009

More About Flash Photography

Just when you thought you are invincible with the use of Nikon's ultimate flash SB-900 speedlight (so naive!) on the Nikon D90, a short visit to a museum recently simply threw all that I know back into the trash bin about lighting.

You name it - on-camera, off-camera, diffuser, zoomed flash, bounced flash, everything, and I can immediately see why one Speedlight can be so limited and why folks like Joe Mcnally need dozens of them!

In built-up areas where light sources are limited and placed more to light the place than on any interesting subjects, lighting something you are interested in can be a mind-boggling challenge! It stretches my imagination many steps forward, in ways that takes time to get comfortable with.

Take this scene on the right for example. Determining a suitable main subject to use was already a challenge to me. Shoot, delete, shoot, delete again. I was getting desperate and I ended up using this old water hydrant as my main subject. Lit the scene with my Speedlight in diffused mode on camera at 18mm.

Did I nail the scene? You tell me...

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