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Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Pursuit of Digital Photography

It's quite a safe play to only acquire newer models of DSLR that is subsequently released after your camera, and avoid the pitfall of getting entangled with older technologies. And in the world of digital photography, its always about digital noise level management. And logically in this aspect, newer is usually better (with some rare exceptions).

Next on the list would naturally be resolution. Some say that film grade resolution stands at an equivalent 25 mega pixels of a digital sensor approximately. So, if you are holding something less than that digitally, you are not anywhere close to film resolution yet. The list of pros and cons is readily available on the Internet to add to this header.

But the point still boils down to what we perceive to be important. I have friends who buy discontinued, used digital DSLR camera so that they can look professional in front of the public. And I have friends who shoot so well with films and never bothered with the digital realm till today. Its all about personal priority I guess, some of which can be more amusing than the other.

Nice to think about this sometimes...and re-calibrate our priority.

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