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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Cheaper 35mm Alternative - Go Film?

I am pretty sure that crossed everyone's mind at some point of time, as the enticement to the road to shooting at 35mm with film is just so logical! But apart from the Nikon's offering of the FM10 and F6 monster, we are really only looking at the used market for these type of camera. It's a road less taken these days though...

Well, to go hybrid, using film does have her usual quirks, like longer workflow processing time and the trouble to carry with you more rolls of stuff called films! But can it really come in between our digital comfort zone? At least, the answer is yes to pros like Moose Peterson who still lug around his Nikon F6 regularly to shoot sites.

Is film more suitable for a particular type of photography? Slides perhaps? At time of writing, the Nikon F5 is available new at only $950.

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