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Friday, July 3, 2009

Let's Hear from the "Pros" About Canon

Well, my eldest boy has accustomed himself to shooting with a Canon G2 camera since Jan 2009 and my decision to let him play with a Canon 500D tonight is but a stepping stone to expand his exposure to a real 600g DSLR. (His previous attempts to man handle my Nikon D90 has proved to be quite a challenge at over 2kg)

While he shot with the Canon 500D, I shot with both the Canon 50D and my Nikon D90. Though the fun lasted just over 20 minutes, it critically serve to provide me the few remaining missing pieces to the Canon puzzle. I am pretty set to now say that the Nikon DSLRs are engineered to serve a totally different class in the art of photography. Well, I am not saying Nikon is a plane while Canon is a car but its much rather like a peer comparison between a Lexus and a Toyota. They are both excellent in their core competencies but bears radical differences in their approach to materialize the philosophy of photography. My conclusion? Nikon optics is plainly the key winning differentiation in this game, and they are pushing all the right buttons at the right time.

Canon seems to hit out heavily on the technical accuracy of her machines but has totally failed to grasp the finesse and dynamics of the whole ecosystem of optics (Just take the Canon 50D/500D as an example). Nikon has (for now) managed to achieve that balance between the study of optics behavior and blended interpretation of how these light rays get registered on their sensors electronically, a feat only the best can achieve - A state of the art.

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