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Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Day of the 300s

A sunny day for shoot will usually mean its time to switch to my "sunshine" lens - Nikkor 70-300G F/4-5.6. A lens that has given me more than its actual worth already! It's what I consider the 50mm F/1.8D of the 300mm zoom lens family.

This simple move would also somewhat inject a dose of freshness in how I usually compose my shots. Well, today, I decided to focus on human subjects as targets and am pleasantly surprised to find many in the national park today. Folks from all walk of lives including a few fishermen. In this part of the world, the fishermen are a tat more stylish in their outlook - they often come in long sleeves and full-length jeans.

Handheld shot at 135mm. F.4.5.

Also wishing all cowboys a happy independence day!

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