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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sigma Lens Shootout with Nikon D90!

Sure, its bound to come, right? Cheap price tag, MADE IN JAPAN myth, all-in-one functionality all rolled into one impulse to check out Sigma lenses. And that's what I did while in Hong Kong.
It turned out as I walked around Hong Kong for the last ten days, I can't help but noticed that all DSLR users I found in scenic spots all uses non Nikon and Canon lenses!!! Talk about cheap, talk about misinformation, talk about optical adultery. Yes, they are all using the Nikon or non-Canon bodies, with couple of Sony Aphas but that was it! Sigma tends to top my observation list, followed by Tokina or Tamron. Interestingly, that prompted me to pop by the Sigma resellers in Wanchai immediately.

So, with my broken Cantonese, I called out the Sigma 28-300mm F/3.5-6.3 for a trial shoot with a rather polite sales person. Around me, I saw no one else. Business was bad, with the boss standing restlessly on the shop doorway, nervously hoping I would be his first customer that morning.

It was hopeless. It was sheer rubbish. I mean the quality (see attached image above). To avoid confusion, a single focal point was used with that shot! Multiple shoots were taken. But still, nothing was sharp. Mind you, this was at 28mm! Unbelievingly, I switched back to my trusty Nikkor 50mm and took another shot (See below) on the same spot. So much for Sigma...they are cheap but they are also cheap in results. Stay away from them if you can or simply get the entry-level Nikkor lenses. They are still better.