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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Think Tank Part III - Open a Photo Storefront in 5 Minutes

OK. OK. The wait is on as your license is being reviewed and approved with the stock vendors. Now what? Wait for two weeks with our hands in the pocket? No Sir! While waiting, I would strongly recommend spending another 15 minutes to evaluate the possibility of setting up your very own photo stock online shop front!

One particular store that caught my eyes is ifp3. But its not free from $15 per month. If you already got a web host, chances are it will be cheaper to ride on that existing bandwagon. But if you are paranoid about web stuff, play save with services from ifp3 and the like. Hey, they even promise you a nifty 5-minute setup with a limited time trial.

Go for it. Make your day. Own a storefront for your photos today.