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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Welcome to Nikon D90 Lab!

For those who just managed to locate this blog, welcome to the one and only blog at the date of writing covering what the Nikon D90 is all about in greatest of detail, while helping every readers overcome the barriers of using the sophisticated camera as their first DSLR. You are advised to read from the first article as they are all time-chronologically written from ground zero. I started this blog after my purchase of the Nikon D90 in mid December 2008. So you are not too late if you are here for the first time.

For all those faithful readers, to really move away from the functionality of the the camera and into some more advanced photography techniques, all while investigating the path to make some cash out of your new found hobby.

For me personally, an interesting journey to a new dimension in my life, in capturing the precious moments of my family with the Nikon D90 while giving myself more reasons to travel around the world!