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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Review of the Blackrapid RS-1 Strap

Like I said, I need an inconspicuous strap for my Nikon D90 and nothing come close to the [Blackrapid RS-1], which I bought today for $45. The RS-4 is slightly dearer with a tiny zipper compartment but I doubt it be useful to me. Both should come with the FastenR. The setup is straight and simple with the wing nut attached directly to your camera's tripod screw mount. One thing to note is the screw thread of the Blackrapid's wing nut, which is deeper than the depth of the Nikon D90 tripod screw mount. You will need to screw down the wing nut deep enough (but not all the way in) before tightening the wing screw nut against the camera base.

Also, if you intend to use your beloved tripod base plate (that comes with a fastener ring) with the Nikon D90, the use of the FastenR will not be necessary.

Adjustment of the length is also a breeze with me ready to shoot almost 5 minutes after setup. Now, the strap cushion should sit squarely on your shoulder, making the carrying of your camera system effortlessly with both hands free.

With that, I went on a short shooting spree today and am much more confident of using it with my style now. Good, what's next? O yes, gaffer tapes...to cover the camera logo up. Now, I am ready for Manila.