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Sunday, February 15, 2009

150th Post Announcement

I hope having fun in writing has proved usefully fun to you too! 

In about 150 posts, we have more or less captured the mechanics of the Nikon D90. And I believe it beats paying for a workshop to know your camera this way. I did! Anyway, in our next phase of lab work, I hope to delve more in "the more" aspect of this blog rather than addressing the Nikon D90 on each article. Focus can include 
  • A more photojournalistic approach in using the Nikon D90 around the world for shoot, 
  • Hunting review of optical lenses in Asia,
  • Visiting places and experience talk about the equipment
  • Upgrade considerations for Nikon New Line-up DSLR
  • Discovery of Shooting techniques for specific scenes
  • Advanced flash photography with wireless Nikon Speedlights
  • Potential of making some pocket money out of your hobby
  • Setup of commercial image gallery of your very own
  • Learning with the professional Nikon photographers
  • Many others...