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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Rule of Sharpness in Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D

In all my hastiness to shoot with my new 50mm lens, I totally did not remind myself one very important rule - the inverse focal length rule. I did shared earlier on the various settings you need to configure on the Nikon D90 (which still stands) but I believe I left out two critical ones
  • Ensure shutter speed is operating at 1/50 second or faster at all time (Menu ISO Sensitivity Settings)
  • Bring the Center-weighted area diameter to 6mm instead of the default 8mm (Menu B3)
All my shots are just turning out much sharper now even at F/1.8 which, rightfully is the primary reason why I purchased this lens all along. I have read somewhere that the lens performs optimally only at F/4 or smaller which I believe is not true. Now, as for DOF (Depth of Field), the exclusive use of Aperture Priority Mode may be suitable for those who are extremely concerned at how shallow or deep the DOF he wants for that shot with this particular lens.

In the department of weight and bulk balance when the Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D is on the Nikon D90 (together with the MB-D80 battery grip), I am pleasantly surprised to find it so comfortably carried over my neck, making it such a pleasant day of day shoot. I used to only be able to sling it over my right shoulder when the Nikkor 18-105mm kit lens is in place.

Another new day, another new discovery!