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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Tough Lightings Demands Tough Measures to Deal With Them

I am not sure how many of you have already hit the glass ceiling of using one Speedlight in photography, but I am being confronted with an increasing number of scenes that hinted for multiple strobes to be used to nail the scene.

It's usually one of those indoor group photos taken at night, where the available light is often weak and tricky to the Nikon D90's AWB. This is where I will recommend a more aggressive approach to dealing with the ideal white balance, by grabbing the belt buckle of temperature kelvin manually.

With multiple, small, warm light sources littering the boundary of the whole dining area, the central area is totally devoid of good available lights, hence fooling the camera's i-TTL to fire full with cold white diffused beams on each default shot (see above initial shot). This looks bad and time is running short! Without a moment to lose, I pulled the WB away from "A" to "K" and stick "8330" in the Nikon D90 to bring back my non-existent warm light.

It worked! The whites faded away and the whole scene came back to life.

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