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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nikon D90 HD Video Recording Time Reviewed

Being in every family occasions where many people are involved, I would usually switched over to the Video mode of the Nikon D90, mount it on my tripod and start recording every laughter, screams, conversation that ever happened on a 18mm angled lens. This way, I am free to do what I want, without missing too much that day.

But, videographer be warned! The Nikon D90 is not designed to take extended video even if you want it to. It will simply shut down when it overheats (or encountered a full buffer), regardless of how much space is still available on your SD card. Time and again, I have to break a 30 minutes video shoot into three video segments. The first being a full twenty minutes (on DVD quality mode), the next for five minutes and the last for around three minutes, before you are forced to take a ten-minutes break.

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