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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Stop Teasing! Give Us the Nikon D300s

For those money-laden, restless souls out there, I agree its about time Nikon show us a new definition of imperialism. And I sure hope, in the bottom of my heart, that this new pro-sumer Nikon D300s will be set to break some new grounds (and not just rewrite them).

I am just clinging to that last speck of hope that the current 1005-pixel RGB sensor will be upgraded on the Nikon D300s, along with faster shutter speed, better noise performance (like those found in the D700/D3) and even stronger weather sealing. I am not exactly crazy on the pixel race but focus rather on low noise performance need.

As to whether video recording is made available, its secondary to me. I would rather have the new "L" firmware version incorporated into this new camera, in a more compact body (than the current D300 dimension). After all, isn't miniaturization part of most product development roadmap?

Keep wishing! Maybe, your dreams may just come true...


Not So Precious Moments said...

hi been following your blog for a while now. just wanted you to know someone appreciates your efforts and insights.

Lawrence Oei said...

You are most welcome! Hope you enjoyed reading my two cents worth articles all these while!