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Monday, July 6, 2009

A Small Dream Come True

As a routine to-do every quarter, I will visit the Nikon service center to have a chat with the engineer there while trying out new lenses and body functions. And this time round, I thought I would do a small favor to a dear friend of mine, knowing that his Nikon D200 is experiencing intermittent sensor failure lately.

Apparently, his PCB board is failing (Its a more than 3 years old machine). The SB strobe unit is suspected to have failed too and the diagnostic tool also revealed a problem with the sensor grid itself. Bad news for him...

So while waiting for him, I was suddenly approach by a Nikon Engineer who invited me to do what I also wanted - to try the Nikon D3x camera. I was rather excited to finally have a chance to get a feel of the camera the world has been drooling about. Yes, a Nikkor 24-70mm F/2.8 lens was used with the hands-on. Well, first, the shutter sound (key reason why I bought the Nikon DSLR instead). Unlike the snappy sound made by lesser camera like the Nikon D700, the Nikon D3x shutter sound can be described like a swift wave of gigantic wing flapping to a thunderous click at the end of each shutter cycle, decisively informing the user of her completed task in a very authoritative manner. No monkeys, no bulls. All work.

The rest are what the brochure attempts to describe. Its a super computer under the hood of this beast, begging to be tamed only by the best of the best. Man, I am blown away, ten fold! A beast for your taking at a whopping eight Gs!

A trip most rewarding thus far...

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