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Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Nikon D300s Received Lukewarm Reception

From the Nikon D90 perspective, the Nikon D5000 is a stripped down Nikon D90 while the Nikon D300s offering a faster shoot rate and an excellent AF engine than the Nikon D90. The Nikon D90 camp is on the fence of both new launches. No clear winner, no clear advantage.

Spare me the anti dust and anti moisture sealing of the Nikon D3XX series as my Nikon D90 is turning out just fine in light drizzles and sandy beaches so far (it's also ice cream and blackberry tart proof - see previous articles). So, unless you are about to use your camera as a weapon or tool (hammer), the magnesium alloy body is but to me an insurance policy against a drop. Low noise performance is identical to the Nikon D90 too, seeing nothing has really changed on the Nikon D300s sensor or processor.

The silver lining? Quieter shooting mode, dual SD/CF memory bay and perhaps stereo sound recording (a turn off if you see what is required to achieve stereo sound recording!) Won't the priced-to-clear Nikon D300 suffice in this case?

My take - The Nikon D300 series cameras gotta to get up pretty darn early in the morning to get the hard-earned cash from Nikon D90 owners.

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