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Thursday, July 30, 2009

A Feasible Backup Camera - Nikon D3000

Moving to the next camera launched today, the "easy-peasy, lemon squeezy" Nikon D3000 seems to have a totally different appeal to Nikon D90 owners (at least to me) altogether. The 10.2 MP sensor seems to be derived from the Nikon D60, the friendly $599.95 price tag caters to the current doom-gloom economy, while its petite size appeals as a secondary backup body to carry along. Wait! For that, you still get the CAM1000 AF engine of the Nikon D90!

And if your dad choose to play with it, they will be pleasantly surprised to find the intuitive guide mode so fun to use in minutes. Even the shutter count matches Nikon D90's 100,000 cycles durability! The in-camera retouch is another bonus, plus the on-demand grid line display that's also found on the Nikon D90 is there too. How about the stop-motion movie mode to top off the whole deal? What more would you ask for?

I think I will be getting this one after all, as my backup camera!

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