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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

NEF Overlay Technique in Nikon D90

Really cool technique I played with today on my Nikon D90 - Image overlay. O yes, it only works with NEF files and only two images can be overlaid each time round. But here's the magic I discover - overlaying two images that's been AE bracketed 0/-2 EV can improves the dynamic range of the resultant shot!

Now, this is a very useful technique for taking stationary subjects while yielding greater professional results. ISO, in my case, has been set to 100, while the Nikon D90 is mounted on the tripod. Exposure delay mode is set to ON. Self-timer of two seconds is also used to eliminate any possible vibrations.

Well, the work flow can be fully accomplished within the camera, after the in-camera automatic distortion control is applied to each completed shot. Honestly, I have not seen such superb image quality produced from my camera (in my incandescent lit room) for a long, long while.

To put the icing on the cake, I did a color balance adjustment to true blue on the Nikon D90. Just check out how that turns my micro-fiber cleaning cloth to a beautiful blue hue!!

Try this technique and you too will be amply rewarded!

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