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Monday, July 27, 2009

Google Mapping Bangalore India

Yes, plan has to be made for this upcoming work trip, and yes, its all again done on Google Maps. In fact, I have been a travel planner for others who value my interest to form up their trips all via this wonderful web tool. As said, this will be those one week short trip thing again, and so, too much planning is not advisable.

I anticipate only a day max to really be able to go round and shoot, so like my Kuala Lumpur trip, should generate about 250-300 shots for this trip. Next, comes the lens selection process. Outlook wise, it looks rather similar to a small KL, with links to both slums and high rises. So we are talking about cityscape sort of environment. 50mm is a bit too close for comfort in my perspective so probably a 35mm will have to do. High speed glass is critical as I do not think my Nikon Speedlight SB-900 will go with me on this trip. Plus, it's just too eye-catching carrying the whole camera/flash assembly unless that's my sole intention.

Insurance is a must for this trip as anything you won't expect to happen will probably happen there...O yes, blackRapid will accompany me for this upcoming trip (could not find it for my last trip) to facilitate fast shoot and disappear approach.

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