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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Driving Force Behind Nikon D90 Lab

Some of you may want to know what drives this blog and the editor to babble on for almost fore-ever on the Nikon D90. Did Nikon pay me a single dime to write about it? How I hope so! Is Nikon D90 lab funded by some blokes with a deep pocket? How can it be so, with such unprofessional content and layout!

Well, its driven by my passion to excel and continuously improve with photography. Nothing else. And with the whole bags of IT gadgets I own, I can practically blog while in a country club, in a hotel room anyway in the world or just waiting for my late clients to turn up 24/7. So, its like having a snack, to write to all. It's fun! So fun that its indescribable! Its a fusion of my passion, my work, hobby, life into one seamless fabric every second!

But, of course, at least, theses articles are what comes from the deep recess of my thought pattern about the ground-breaking Nikon D90. And hope has helped every readers towards achieving something out of this so called hobby.

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