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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Meet My Other Playmates - Sony PS3 and PSP

First off, I can bet many Nikon D90 owners already possess a Sony Playstation 3. And perhaps, even the miniature PSP if I may say so.

A gaming console might not be the first “accessory” that comes to mind when talking about digital photography, but my Sony PlayStation 3 (PS3) has some interesting features for the photo enthusiast in us. Every PS3 allows consumers to store their digital photos by connecting their cameras or USB storage drives directly to the console via a USB cable, with images then transferred directly onto the PS3’s hard drive.

Once done with this, you can easily create playlists by grouping together photos. The PS3 system also offers five slideshow styles to show off your photos on your big screen, and you can set the slideshow to any music stored on your PS3.You can even upload your photos directly to a photo sharing site. Finally, with my PSP (PlayStation Portable) system, I can take my photos with me anywhere.

Connect your PSP to any PC or laptop via a USB cable and upload your digital photos directly to the PSP’s storage card, the Memory Stick PRO Duo. You can also connect your PSP to your PS3 via a USB cable, and swap photos and photo playlists between the two systems.

How's that for a domestic revolution?

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