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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Work Trip Lens Selection

I mean, in view that most of us who travels around for work still wants to lug their Nikon D90 along for a steal, we still have to seriously make an important decision to select what we will actually bring with us. I don't think any of us would bring their full barrage of lens, flashes and tripods unless its strictly a holiday, shoot assignment or sheer passion.

I survived solely on a 50mm lens on my last work trip to Manila few months ago but was rather restricted to what I could capture. This time round, its a concrete jungle I am heading towards and hence may have to review my approach in lens selection. Landscape is out as there won't be much in KL.

Architecture and interior are in as the common denominators of any cosmopolitan city. So, a wide zoom lens would be ideal. Perhaps, a new acquisition on the Nikkor 35mm F/1.8 at $200 would be the ideal marriage between weight/bulk and low-light adaptability?

Let it marinate...