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Monday, April 27, 2009

The Wait is...Excruciating

Its a type of mental torture, to wait forever for your camera to complete her servicing. Today, my call into Nikon Service Center confirmed my ticket has moved, and that an Engineer has perform an inspection (not done anything yet) on it. I was also told inspection usually take 3 working days while calibration can take up to 10!

In my last family dinner appointment, I have to make do with my aged Canon G2 as a last-minute decision. All my other cameras were not properly charged. Well, the feeling of reshooting with my compacts sure is weird. The artificial shutter release sound and miniaturized viewfinder all add to my unease. It was set on an Aperture priority F/2 mode but I could not verify any of my work on-the-spot. Anyway, since it's on a CF card format, I have yet to find my USB CF card reader to check on it.

It was indeed a terrible feeling.