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Monday, April 27, 2009

Back To Square One

In the absence of the Nikon D90, I have accelerated my effort to look for a smaller companion camera but to no avail. I simply could not come to the agreement that it will be a compromise in terms of image quality and customized shooting freedom. Several prosumer compacts were scrutinized, including the Canon G10, Sigma DP2, Ricoh GR2 etc. but somewhat all could not come close to what I am already quite used to from my Nikon D90.

I have even decided to take the remaining half day off today just to make sure I did not miss out any other review options. This is insane! I think so too...but again, this is quite fun! BTW, our clients pay us by the result we deliver and not the hours we squat at their office. So, theoretically, we can be anywhere at anytime so long I can manage my team performance and morale!

After all that exercise today, I am back to the Nikon D90 and has concluded that I should expedite on the return of my camera instead of hunting around for sub-standard prosumer compacts to complement my camera!