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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tips I Discover to Improve Shoot Quality - Part II

I sincerely believe in this - to move beyond our (or just mine) current standard in photography, we have to turn on our imagination...a lot more. Its what I consider truly in the realm of art then. You may call it the state of the art. You have to visualize the "wow!" scene you want to tell the world.

To achieve this, you must first confirm what story you would like to tell, and not capture moments of life that pass you by. You must imagine and self-visualize the final picture well before it is taken by your Nikon D90. With that, you then fill in the blanks. You find the subjects, places, people, backdrop that will give you that preconceived scene. And you compose it and press that shutter release button till you get that effect you imagined with flashes, natural lights, shadows etc.

Only then would I believe that we have finally taken that first step into professional photography.

I have not seen a book telling you this very vital truth.

Would you agree?