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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tips I Discover To Improve Shoot Quality - Part I

You see, all along, I haven been bringing along my Nikon D90 to take pictures wherever I tend to go each day, hoping to catch that special moments that may present itself to me. You can say that's how I approach photography till today.

The need to imagine and visualize a scene is almost absent. I simply perform a change of lens - to get different DOF effects, or tilt the camera in an appropriate angle that gives the subject more appeal. Maybe, bounced flashes were used sparringly, and oftentimes, its where I have to go that constitutes the scenes I display on my gallery.

That's all fine. But the images are quite ordinary, with almost predictive results, turning the gallery into another family album. Well, if its simply for a memorable, historical account of our family life, I think its perfectly fine since the Nikon D90 dwarfs those images captured with my iPhone or other phone optics by many miles.

But what happen if we want to move beyond this so-called standard of photography?