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Friday, April 10, 2009

Half-Time! Start Enjoying Your Shoot!

Now that I have a 18-105mm VR kit lens for general photography, a 50mm lens for low-light/portrait and a 70-300mm for bright-lit sports, wildlife and portraits, its now time to focus in squeezing out some decent shots from these three lens I possess.

Sometimes, being too involved in the technicalities, I can side-track into a capability acquisition spree. Just buy, and buy and more buy, forgetting the whole purpose of photography altogether. Does that happen to you too? As now I can fully understand, it takes a certain degree of control and focus to stay balanced.

So, for the next few months, I will begin my destination travel again, thinking it be the best way to excite my spirit of exploration and photography. Until I reach 20,000 shots with my Nikon D90 and the 3 lenses, I will then reconsider the need to expand the capability department of my optics!

Its such a shame for most of the folks I knew who is shooting less than 500 images per month to keep upgrading their gears prematurely.