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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What is the Nikkor 70-300mm G Lens Good For?

If you attempt to shoot a family portrait with it, I think its a bad idea. But if you want individual portraits or small group shoot, I believe its manageable with this lens. At 70mm, most corners and composition turn out sharp and undistorted as I realized.

Stationary/Semi-stationary wildlife, superb fit. Landscape, excellent fit. I tried shooting in dim lights with the small F/4 aperture and thought it was barely acceptable. Hence, to conclude, the Nikkor 70-300mm shines with the adherence to a few ground rules
  • Outdoor or brightly-lit area
  • Tripod supported
  • Switch to single-point focus at 6mm diameter center weight
  • Lowest possible ISO at Lo.1 or 100 if possible
  • 2 to 5 second delay timer activated for each shoot
  • Delay mirror activated
Check out more results of the Nikkor 70-300mm G lens [here]. It gives me the urge to want to pick up a new hobby - bird watching and shooting. Who says you can only get reasonably sharp image with a thousand-dollar pound of glass?