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Friday, March 20, 2009

New Addition to the Family - Nikon 62mm NC Filter

Somehow, I was given the impression that the recent purchase of Nikkor 70-300mm G lens diameter is 67mm but was surprised its a 62mm lately. Hence, the need to get a protective filter for it became mandatory. Venturing back to my favorite local camera store, I ended up purchasing the Nikon 62mm NC filter at $30! I can only say its the most expensive filter I have acquired so far and would definitely want to know what exactly I am getting apart from the "MADE IN JAPAN" label.

As the name implies, its a Neutral Color NC type of filter. such filters have no effect on colors in the visible range, making them suited to everyday use as lens protector. The Nikon-made filter also boasts excellent glare reduction.
Other Nikon lens filter types you might be interested in are
  • New Soft Focus - used with almost any subject to soften highlights and brighten surrounding shadows, creating a beautiful soft, smooth effect while providing a clear rendition of the main subject
  • Circular Polarizing -used to block or reduce polarized light reflected from glass, water and reflective nonmetallic surfaces such as plastics and ceramics. They can also be used to block relected or dispersed light when shooting out of doors, intensifying colors and making the sky appear bluer.
  • Ultraviolet L37C - Used to absorb ultraviolet light for increased contrast and sharpness. Also act as a lens protector for most cases
  • Amber A2 - Used to remove the blue tinge from color photographs taken in the shade or under overcast skies
  • Blue B2 -Used to removes the red tinge from color photographs taken in the red light of dawn or late evening
  • Orange O56 - Used to filter green, blue and ultraviolet light for improved contrast in black and white photographs