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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Backup Camera Roundup - Feb 2009

Ever prepared to continue shooting with your Nikon D90 broken or stolen at somewhere you may not return to anytime soon? You need to be ready with a reliable smaller camera that can be equally trusted and performance-oriented still.

I personally trust Canon over Nikon when it comes to smaller camera (as I still own the Canon G2!) I have seen it perform and still performs very well in the hands of my eldest son today! Hence, to review an updated version of compact cameras, the Canon G10 will easily meet my shooting style and needs. The Nikon P6000 is just a tad more flimsy and lighter in weight while the price of this two camera are on the same tier.

That said, however, my existing Nikon SB-400 works seamlessly with the Nikon P6000! Hmm...tough choice! Let me think about it. More spare cash? Get the Sigma DP1 or Leica D-Lux 4. Its both a gem and differentiate herself with the former packed with a SLR-size sensor and the latter german optics! But with its hefty price tag, I will leave both alone for now.