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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

New Year Photography Resolution - Join A Few Photography Contests!

Hey, that's what I said! Unlike folks who upload their photos onto Flickr, Picasa etc. and leave it as that with a bunch of comments, I thought I can make this a bit more interesting in 2009. Nikon should have one sometime in September 2009 but that should not stop you from joining any local contests before that!

Go on, get yourself together and inject a few doses of life enrichment in the current economic slump. Most folks I talked to has given up on doing their company sales forecasting. Its pointless they say. Its just survival of the fittest for the next few years.
So, why not join in that next photo contest in your city? Your boss has or will probably request you to take FTO soon. A Leave Of Absence (LOA) is however, not necessary.