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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Limitation of P Mode and Auto WB in Nikon D90

As I clocked more scenario and time in my shoot out, I am beginning to see why the A and the S mode is, to most professional, a better way to operate their camera on. Frankly, I was getting quite comfortable in my "P" education level. In fact, 98% of the shots in my gallery was taken in the lazy man "P" mode.

I kinda dreamt about this moment in writing the need to graduate from the automatic mode of photography some days back. Using the F/1.8 aperture of the Nikkor 50mm has indeed taught me that not always, bigger is better. The very shallow DOF just messed up quite a few of my shots recently. Also, in my eagerness, I may have also broken the law of the closest focal length of the lens.

The Auto White Balance also turn screwy as color rendering began to look confused when in focus of strong-colored subjects and ambient! So, I guess that's why there is indeed more to learn and write about in photography after all! Check the above image as an example of color overrun in one of my shoot.