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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Identifying Locations for Practice

As the good old Kungfu master says, practice makes perfect. The ratio of good shots from among the average ones are usually at 10-20% of total shots taken for an advanced amateur and can dip below 2% for beginner. The Pros may hit above 30%. As shared, I was into photography for a while now, having began with Contax camera back in 2002, working my way to Canon G Series and then to the Panasonic DMC-FZ series. I still shoot with my Contax T3 and its kept in my dry cabinet for that occassional rare shoot with film strips. But the good old myth can be a hindrance to improve our shoot - you must travel to exotic places to practice. Not true. Here's a recommended list of places/objects to quickly allow you to clock those hours with your camera
  • Your home (and backyard)
  • Your office
  • In Macro mode
  • Zoo or botanical garden
  • Pets or other animals
  • While in a moving car
  • In the city where you live
  • Repeat with more shots with a different lens
As the Nikon D90 claims, its strong shutter life of 100,000 cycles would work out to a shoot rate of approximately 100 shots daily if it lasts 3 years. I personally don't expect it to last any longer than that. So go ahead and press that shutter!

Who knows, I may move to the Nikon D700 when movies shoot is no longer a key priority!