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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Canon DSLR

Hmm...I know there's two big camps when it comes to choosing a make of SLR - Canon and Nikon but it comes down to objectives in each possible evaluation I made. I love Canon, especially the G series of compact camera - G9. They are nimble and again well-made and takes OK pictures compared to her German rival - Leica.

How about the Canon SLR then? In a phrase, competitively competent. Hey, though heavier than her rivals, is worth every penny.

As you know, I seek reasonable perfection, but not the ultimate, as I don't make a single cent out of my optical hobby. However, having a Macbook Pro, in my opinion, is an ultimate, as I make thousands of dollars with the use of it as a professional Business IT Advisor. So, my immediate review will not include any entry-level DSLR like the Canon 450D or Nikon D60 or Sony A350. Hope you understand. Attached is a very hot contender in what I would consider.

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