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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Evaluation I - The Canon 40D DSLR

OK. The Canon 50D is slightly beyond my budget (with a decent lens that is) so, I reviewed the older brother - 40D.

Its a masterpiece and its within a $1500 price tag.

To begin, the CMOS sensor is a tat small - 10.1 MP but hey, it gives wider per pixel footprint to capture its light pixel. Frame per second is good too but useless unless you are a hard-core sport photographer where FPS counts.

Low-light shoot performance is average at the default ISO 1600 but the sRAW file format support is commendable. Now, here's the major difference - 9 cross-type AF points. Mind you, many rivals have 9 or 11 AF points but a fraction of them are cross-types. This boasts significantly more accurate and nimble focusing.

The live view is pathetic as long as its not VGA resolution but the silent shooting mode in the 40D just brings silent shoot into reality today. Grid display in view finder is porky and the buttons/dial placement throughout the body is simply disastrous - One hand operation is almost impossible to achieve.

Custom functions are mediocre and it scores poorly in post editing functions within the camera menu. The kit lens just won't do and you are required to get something better by default. Bundled software is good and well-considered as opposed to nearest rival - Nikon.

All said, picture value lies in the quality of the lens and the overall image composure. Its not just the body that dictates.

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