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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Small Prosumer Camera's Advantage

There are just times when you want to remain inconspicuous when shooting, may it be in a museum or some sites where carrying a DSLR would only invite security personnel to approach you.

And that's when a smaller competent camera would fit ideally. But being one who has grown accustomed to the quality of shots produced by DSLR, its something I would have to live with, if such a camera is in my possession. Some say they only do decent shots with ISO 400 and below, and the amount of chroma noise just stays there even in an uncompressed RAW shot.

This evening was such a setting where I simply do not wish to carry the Nikon D90 into a dinner location filled with thousands of people to celebrate the National Day rally. O well, I lost a few good shots with the featured fifty limited edition Harley Davidson bikes tonight that I thought could be featured on this blog.

Maybe, I should just go get one...and am seriously waiting for a Nikon P7000.

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