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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What Leaked Nikon Roadmap Means to Me - A Soliloque

Possibly, its a real cat that left the Nikon bag today.

Nikon D300s ey? Reaaally? Then I think I will pass. Still, from what has been stated thus far about this one, I am unmoved with an up-sized D300 proposition, especially if it will not offer any ground-breaking capabilities. Now, for the record, the Nikon D90 is to me, ground breaking. But again, it appears that the Nikon D300s may be the last DX train to come by for a long while before a D400 .

Or maybe, it may well be a well-designed conspiracy theory of Nikon marketers to ushers Nikon D90 owners to the soon-to-be-cheaper D700! Aaarh! The imperialists are such a bully that you just have to deal with them very seriously!

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