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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Top Choice - Nikkor 35mm F/1.8G

As the statistics show, I cannot agree with you more, that the Nikkor 35mm F/1.8G forms the most coveted lens in every DX camera owners' mind. It's a wonderful, sharp lens, with much resolving power to spare, and of course a very modest price tag.

In fact, I got mine the day it was launched! It's low light performance negate the dire need to carry your strobe around, and her prime lens characteristics simply rocks. O yes, did I mention the lightning fast focusing strength? Most of us who handled the lens was pleasantly surprised how fast and quiet the focusing is.

So, if you are still hesitating on purchasing one, you should stop whatever you are doing and go get one. From where I am, stock are flowing in and I can begin to see proper stocks everywhere.

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