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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Plumbing & Heater Installation Adventure

Having a water heater in each toilet means needing to routinely replace one when it breaks. And it can be a real hassle if the new one is not a direct replacement model. How many of you actually keep redundant water heater at home? I don't as they break down only after four to five years.

Walls have to be drilled with a special drill bit if tiles are involved. Power cables have to be rerouted. Copper pipings have to be rerouted and resealed. Circuit breaker has to be activated. Water supply channel has to be shut off. The list goes on and on for a while...

And this is what I have done today DIY style to kill some time. It's great to do this every now and then, while rewarding yourself with a few hundred bucks savings off labour charges. And the whole process took me over two hours (this is not my profession, remember?). Just in case if you are wondering where I got the new heater unit, it's any of the super mart located in the North South highway of Malaysia. For a mere $70, you can readily get a proper make from Panasonic.

All in an day's work! Exceptionally rewarding to take a shower with it after a sweaty installation. Shot with my favorite micro lens - Nikkor 60mm F/2.8D, of the internal assembly of the new water heater. Very colorful indeed!

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