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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Imminent Arrival of the Nikon D3000/D300s

As the Internet virally build up the excitement, hype and electricity of the arrival of the replacement model for the Nikon D40/D300, it is in my opinion and observation that the Nikon D300s is but a face-lifted remodel of the D300, with a story script similar to how the Nikon D40x was born. Boring HD video recording (again), 12.3 MP (again). Why did Nikon bother with this in the first place? According to folks like Thom Hogan, you can only expect something interesting on the Nikon D400 in 2010. More sighings...

The Nikon D3000 can, however, be quite a different story altogether! As before, nothing ground-breaking I foresee, only an increased value proposition from the feature-stripped Nikon D40 - a product that positively bears only the imaging essence of the Nikon D90.

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