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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Guess What? I am OFF Today!

How cool is that? Today is my break for the week, a stop gap to breathe. But still, I am stuck in the office desk clearing up non-profit generating administration work. Well, at least I get to blog in the comfort of my desk without any of my partners bothering me...they know I am recently quite into photography!

I used to do the same for roller-blading and became an instructor to kids and teenagers soon after. But then, I got bored. So, here I am, into photography and it seems to have a much deeper depth than I first anticipated. Good! I won't get bored that quickly.

Yes. On the subject of macro photography still. Diamonds. Yes, Jewelry! Why didn't I think of that? Its so obvious isn't it? Here's a few shots I took on what my hands can get hold of these transparent stones, some of which, I was told, is worth enough to even buy the Nikon D3x!

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