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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good Buy - Sandisk ImageMate All-in-one

I am so fed up with my newly purchased Belkin expresscard reader that I am asking for a full refund. At least Belkin is professional enough to admit their mistake of even attempting to introduce one into the market. Good, the refund is being processed.

What's next? I still need a proper card reader. O yes, Sandisk. I got that instead. And boy, it rocks on my Macbook Pro! Why can't life be simpler? Boasting a transfer speed of 34MB/s, it sure became a breeze to move those big HD movies off the Nikon D90, together with those RAW files now. Guess what? I inserted three cards into the reader - MicroSD, Memory Stick Duo and SD, and all can be read/written concurrently!

I give it a five star for both performance and aesthetics for this gadget. Two years warranty. $30.

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