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Friday, July 31, 2009

First Step in Manual Photography

Of course, the first motivating step to delve into manual photography should originate from one primary factor - fun. Without which, it will not be sustainable. Imagine turning your AF mode of the Nikon D90 to full manual with my existing Nikkor lenses.

Boy, it will be a let down immediately! Why? All because your brain has already accustomed itself to the sharp images produced by these glasses. Any errors you amateurishly make will stick out like a sore thumb in your attempt to focus manually. And yes, it will be a day filled with giant despair.

But wait! There's a solution after all! Here it is - First, go get an inferior optical lens to lower your brain's expectation and standards. You decide. Next, the lens you look for should be fun by itself! Example, tilt control. Lastly, turn the shutter release mode of your Nikon D90 to CH and keep shooting (and I mean really shoot a lot!). Ignore how people will look at you. Ignore your dinner for a moment. Ignore your kids for another few moments.

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