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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Coke Is It with Nikkor 60mm F/2.8D!

Believe it or not, you can really do some wonders with the Nikkor 60mm F/2.8D. May it be a coke can or a coke vending machine. Can you tell? Perspective wise, its very close to the 50mm lens'.


JeeHong said...

Hi there, just known ur blog recently. I'm myself are a D90 user. I plan to get either 50mm f1.8 or 60mm f2.8. I've try to look for as much information as possible. Just want to ask ur opinion, which is the best lens to go for? As for me I prefer 60mm f2.8 cause it consider a macro and portrait lens (2in1). But I get few feedback from the web, saying that the bokeh is not that good. And also some even call me to consider 105mm f2.8 macro, as the bokeh is better.
I seen that u have both 50mm and 60mm, so hope u can recommend which one is better?
Thanks for reviewing.

Lawrence Oei said...

Hi JeeHong, 50mm is near your eye view of perspective - WYSIWYG. Good for all round if you get used to it. In fact, my last shoot in Manila was done entirely with a 50mm!

60mm is a different story. To compose travel photography with it, I personally find it quite hard to get one on each shot. BUT, when it comes to macro shoot, nothing beats it! So tact sharp, so crisp.

So, what I am saying is, if you are traveling, 50mm is cheap and has high resolving power at F/2.8 to F/5.6. 60mm has her strength not so much as a travel lens. Take your D90 to the shop and play with both...you will see what I mean.