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Thursday, July 16, 2009

About Carl Zeiss Optics for Nikon D90

So, its about glass you say, and not so much of the body that makes superb pictures? In my quest to obtain higher quality images, I am just beginning to realize this important fact versus a new body purchase. But, if that's the case, we ought to review our whole philosophy of shooting with Nikkor lenses only! Coz, there's a badder boy in town, and they are not from Sakura Japan, but rather, from Benz Germany.

As testified all over the Internet, the Zeiss lens eat Nikkor lenses for Breakfast and piss on their pants for lunch. And I have yet to find a single soul on planet earth that has something bad to say about them! And hey, they are not exactly that expensive too, demanding only a small premium over Nikon's!

Now, how's that for supper?


Anonymous said...

Would love to know which Carl Zeiss lens you recommend for Nikon D90 if interested in street photography or/and portraiture. Thanks.

Lawrence Oei said...

Well, the 50mm F/1.4 ZF2 series of the Zeiss lens is what I would go for, if optical quality is your only focus.

But remember, its a manual focus lens. For the best balance, I personally have settled with the Nikkor 50mm F/1.4, which offers the best of both world at a fraction of the price.